Five handy tips for water saving week

For water saving week, we wanted to share five handy tips for saving water around the home and garden.

Tip #1 – Take showers instead of baths

An average bath uses around 80 litres of water, whereas an average shower (around seven and a half minutes) uses around 60 litres. A four-person household could save as much as £60 on energy bills and a further £60 on water bills every year.

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Meet James Leeson, one of our Regional Sales Managers.

Meet James Leeson, one of our Regional Sales Managers, using his expertise to support our Sales Team with their ambitious growth goals.

James has been in the Water Hygiene industry for 11 years, starting off as a Service Technician working on a contract for a major Birmingham hospital. He has since worked his way up through being a Sales Engineer, before training to be a Business Development Manager, and finally moving in to his current role as a Regional Sales Manager.

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It’s Mental Health awareness week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. It’s a yearly event that shines a light on the importance of looking after your mental health and is organised by the Mental Health Foundation.

This year, the focus is loneliness. Something all of us will experience at some point in our lives.

In this article we talk about what loneliness is and what the Severn Trent Services team is doing to help support people.

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Wonderful On Tap

This is Severn Trent, this is what we all strive towards, this is our goal, and this is what we supply.

Following on from the articles earlier this year looking at bulk water treatment and chlorination, the concept  of “Wonderful on Tap” incorporates not only those two physical procedures, along with others. These include leak detection, metering, sampling, testing, flushing, cleaning and surveying.

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Health Centre Closure Highlights Legionella Risks

A health centre has had to relocate to a temporary building after dangerous levels of legionella bacteria was found in its water supply. The health centre, which is located in Amersham, Buckinghamshire has been evacuated and will operate from its new accommodation for between eight and twelve weeks while remedial actions are undertaken.

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