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Did you know that we’re one of the UK’s leading Legionella training course providers? We offer a range of training packages that help you to meet your legal obligations concerning Legionella control and the management of water systems. 

All our training is developed by industry experts and delivered by qualified trainers in a modern, engaging, and informative style. They can be provided face-to-face, virtually, or via a hybrid of the two – whatever suits you.

Of course, our customers rate them highly too.

City and Guilds assured

Our City and Guilds assured status certifies that you’ve been trained in a way that meets internationally recognised standards.

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If you’re responsible for managing the health and safety of the people in your organisation, then look no further.

For modern, engaging, flexible, and competitively-priced training that helps you comply with legislative requirements and in turn helps keep your staff aware of their legal duties. Get in touch now.

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Our Training Programs

Legionella 101

Discover the history and dangers of legionella, and the best practices to prevent harm by it. A must for anyone working with water systems.

Enhanced Clean and Disinfection

A deep dive in to the correct procedures based on British Standard and Public Document PD 855468:2015.

Closed Systems 101

Understand the correct design and maintenance of closed loop water systems. Save thousands in premature replacement by upskilling your staff.

Sampling 101

Master the correct sampling procedures for legionella and other water borne pathogens.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing

Learn the correct procedure for the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves, and understand the performance specification HTM04-01 D08 guidance.

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Our preferred location for open course delivery is at Severn Trent Head Quarters in Coventry – however we are flexible and can deliver the learning “on premiss” or via online Microsoft Teams.

Maximum of 60 people. 30 people in person at our training venue in Coventry. Simultaneously, we can hold 30 people across an Teams call.

The cost of our training is determined by the location at which the training is taking place. Where requested to attend a customer’s premises, the charge per delegate will be greater due to travel and potential accommodation costs. 

The average course length is half a day, however some training can take up to two days depending on which modules are required.

Yes, all our courses are City and Guilds assured, unless otherwise specified.

Each course holds its own recertification period, and this frequency has been determined by how often the source/guidance material is updated. This a personal individual certificate that is transferrable for the holder and is delivered to each delegate on completion of the course via a PDF.

ACOP L8 requires those with managerial responsibility for the maintenance and monitoring of water systems to be fully trained in the provision of Legionella control in order to comply with the law. By extension, anyone who is involved with Legionella activities must be able to demonstrate both training and competence in those areas.

Although this specific Training course is in person, we do offer online training via Microsoft Teams. Please reach out to our team of experts to discuss this option. Contact Us – Severn Trent Services (

We welcome suggestions for tailored training plans and are happy to discuss this further.  

Currently our payment methods are via purchase order/invoice and bank transfer.

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