Sustainability Case Studies

Our “Focus on Five” sustainability plan outlines our approach towards achieving operational Net Zero which recognises the pressing environmental, regulatory, and financial need for every organisation and business to adapt to climate change.

With many years practical experience of working in the sector, we see growing opportunities for us to help organisations understand, prioritise and address their own water and environmental challenges in a practical way.

We already support many customers by managing all aspects of the water cycle using industry-leading technology and innovation to deliver long-term, sustainable, high-performing, cost effective outcomes and some examples are provided below.

Rainwater Harvesting – Conserving Water and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

STS have designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system at a customer site in North Yorkshire which collects, stores and treats roof runoff for vehicle washing and site cleaning purposes.  Harvesting systems are often installed with little understanding of the true costs and benefits so the purpose of the project is to understand the long term practical issues associated with operating RWH systems.

We have reduced the quantity of drinking water used for non-potable uses, recycled rainwater and modified the plant after lessons learnt. 

Whilst the plant is small, it is extremely useful to help us understand the environmental and financial benefits of investing in RWH, so that we can better advise our customers.  We are currently monitoring the reductions in CO2e, as shown in an extract from our sustainability scorecard below.

Staff Volunteering – Helping Local Communities and Workforce Wellbeing

All of our employees are entitled to two paid volunteering days per year and our colleagues have volunteered on an amazing range of projects delivering Social Value across the communities we work in across the UK such as:

And below are a few more volunteering projects we were proud to support: