Wonderful On Tap

This is Severn Trent, this is what we all strive towards, this is our goal, and this is what we supply.

Following on from the articles earlier this year looking at bulk water treatment and chlorination, the concept  of “Wonderful on Tap” incorporates not only those two physical procedures, along with others. These include leak detection, metering, sampling, testing, flushing, cleaning and surveying.

But it also is a mindset.

It is wearing the correct PPE when working in a Blue Triangle asset. It is keeping your eyes open for building overflows running constantly, or constant clean water flows within drains. It is the vision and forward thinking to complete servicing and maintenance on dosing equipment before it breaks down. It is going that extra mile to ensure that every time a customer opens their tap, that clean, clear, wholesome water comes out. It is doing the right thing.

It is being the friendly helpful face that turns up in the rain, in the dark, at the weekend to restore an interrupted supply. It is the efficient assistance of the billing technician when a customer query comes into the office. The understanding return phone call when there is a burst main reported to the helpline. The dig team on call ready to attend within the hour to excavate and make repairs.

This is what we do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This is Severn Trent, this is Wonderful On Tap