At STS, we have aligned our sustainability ambitions to those of our parent company Severn Trent Plc, which are to reach operational Net Zero and decarbonise our fleet by 2030. 

Whilst we operate within the framework of the Severn Trent group, we recognise that our customers have their own ambitions and timelines and for this reason we have developed our own sustainability plan for Severn Trent Services. 

As a supplier of water and environmental services to many locations for numerous organisations across the UK, we are keen to support our customers in achieving their own sustainability plans.  We find that the scope and focus for sustainability varies widely, and so by focusing on Net Zero, Social Value and sustainable solutions, our plan is flexible enough to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Severn Trent Services comprises four distinct business units – Water Service Contracts, Oren Environmental, Aqualytix and STRUS – each with their own customers and local communities which our sustainability approach has been aligned to.  To reflect the different characteristics of our business units, we have developed a bespoke sustainability scorecard which covers all STS business units and activities to measure our progress on our sustainability plan.

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