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How we can help you

MoD / Aquatrine Customers

Do you pay for MoD network water/wastewater services or wish to make changes to a water or sewer network? We may be able to help you.

Commercial Water Services

Commercial Water Services offers a whole range of water & waste management services across the UK to all types of organisations and businesses.

Water Hygiene

Experts in the field of water hygiene, water treatment and legionella control. We can help you safeguard health in your organisation.

Water Hygiene Training & Consultancy Courses

Severn Trent Water Hygiene offer a full array of City and Guilds Assured water safety training courses to suit your organisation’s needs.

Latest News

Water and Wastewater assets

Water and Wastewater assets are upgraded over time, either due to new technology, asset condition or needing to upscale due to an increase in population.

What is that blockage? – revealed

Those of you who read my piece last month would have probably been scratching your heads, wondering what exactly it was that had caused the

Severn Trent Careers

The Severn Trent Services business is constantly growing and expanding and so we are always keen to hear from people who are interested in working for STS at one of our many water locations.


Severn Trent Searches and Severn Trent Affinity: two companies with a single goal – to help you understand and protect the water assets around your home.