Five handy tips for water saving week

For water saving week, we wanted to share five handy tips for saving water around the home and garden.

Tip #1 – Take showers instead of baths

An average bath uses around 80 litres of water, whereas an average shower (around seven and a half minutes) uses around 60 litres. A four-person household could save as much as £60 on energy bills and a further £60 on water bills every year.

*Source – At Home with water report by energy saving trust (

Tip #2 – Use eco settings when washing

If you use a dishwasher when washing the pots, then make sure it is full before using it and select the eco-setting option, if available.

Equally, a full (but not overloaded) washing machine used on a lower temperature of 30-degrees or under is more cost-effective. Again, use the eco-setting if available.

Tip #3 – Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

Many people leave the tap running while brushing their teeth, especially children. But did you know that turning the tap off can save as much as 6 litres every minute?

Tip #4 – Use rainwater for the garden by installing a water butt

One thing that’s never in short supply in the UK is rainwater, so why not harvest it to use in your garden? A butt can store hundreds of litres of water and is more beneficial for your plants than tap water.

Tip #5 – Use a watering can instead of a hose

Hoses can use an average of about 1000 litres an hour, which for those of you on a water meter could prove very costly. Using a watering can will significantly reduce this amount, especially if you’re able to make use of rainwater via a water butt.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these essential water saving tips. You can find more information about these tips and many more at –