It’s Water Saving Week 2024, an initiative hosted by Waterwise. This year, the focus is on highlighting the small changes everyone can make to have a big impact on water conservation.


Robin Phillips, Head of Sustainability at Severn Trent Services, says: “As part of our sustainability plan, we’re focussed on supporting our customers in reducing their environmental impact, which includes helping them save water. But as employees and householders ourselves, we also do what we can to conserve this precious resource during Water Saving Week and beyond!”

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Severn Trent Services helps businesses and communities to save water

This week is Water Saving Week – a time for everyone to reflect on how much water they’re consuming and whether that’s sustainable when water resources are becoming scarcer, and the cost of living is rising.

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Five handy tips for water saving week

For water saving week, we wanted to share five handy tips for saving water around the home and garden.

Tip #1 – Take showers instead of baths

An average bath uses around 80 litres of water, whereas an average shower (around seven and a half minutes) uses around 60 litres. A four-person household could save as much as £60 on energy bills and a further £60 on water bills every year.

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