The Standards we adhere to

Severn Trent takes it’s responsibilities seriously and in order to do this we work to Company wide policies and we expect our suppliers to work to the same standards.  Our policies explain who we are, what we stand for and how we work and they also tell our customers and business partners that they can rely on us.

In addition to our own internal policies we also hold external certifications and memberships of a number of industry bodies that involve external audit and verification to maintain membership. 

Severn Trent Policies

Severn Trent policies have been designed to help colleagues and suppliers understand their role within the Company, their responsibilities to the Company, and the Company’s responsibilities to them.  They are a strategic link between the Severn Trent Companies and how we manage our day to day business here in STS.

Read or download pdf versions of the policies via this link >

The link above will take you to the policies page of the ST PLC website.


Security of data, assets and people is very important to STS being both a requirement for some of our customers and fundamental to the way that we work.  Whether you are a Customer, a Supplier or a member of the STS team, you can be sure that we will manage your data and assets securely.

If you have any concerns or would like further information, please call 0345 3510208 and ask for the STS Security Team.