The Water Services Contracts (WSC) department is the largest in Severn Trent Services, a part of Severn Trent. It specialises in providing water and wastewater asset management services for private networks nationwide.

WSC has a team of over 180 highly engaged people, scoring 8.6/10 for engagement in an annual survey, which exceeds industry benchmarks. The department’s turnover rate is lower than the UK average, so employees tend to stay with the company, too.

Many employees have recommended Severn Trent Services to their relatives and partners as a great place to work. We spoke to those who’ve encouraged their friends and family to join, and this is what they had to say.

Pride in work

Jim Holland manages the Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Control, and Automation (MEICA) teams in WSC. He’s worked in the department for six years but has been in Severn Trent since 2008.


His son Ellis joined as a Field Technician in January. It’s his second job since leaving school. He first did an apprenticeship for a large company with many travel opportunities, but there wasn’t enough investment in development for Ellis to grow.


Jim said: “I’m proud to work for WSC, and it would take a lot for me to leave my job. Ellis knows that, so he often used to ask me about a career in WSC or the wider Severn Trent group.


“I encouraged him to get his driving licence first, which he did, and then a job advert came up. He applied, got the job, and he’s loving it. He’s told me a few times that he’s glad he made the move.


“The only thing Ellis might complain about is me checking in with him at the end of the day to ensure he’s okay and on top of everything. I have to remember he’s a young lad and wants to go out in the evening rather than talk shop with his dad!”

Balancing the demands of life

Sophie Stocker, Regional Network Analyst, has worked in the Severn Trent group for over ten years and has been a member of WSC since 2018. Her brother Chris, a Network Maintenance Technician, joined the company last October on her recommendation.


“Chris has a young child with another on the way, so benefits like shares, a bonus, and a pension were one reason I encouraged him to join. But most of all, it’s the supportive environment that I knew he’d most appreciate, along with the family-friendly hours.


“I have a desk-based job, and my brother’s in the field. So, while we speak to each other most days, I rarely see him. I think he values the knowledge and experience I’ve built up over the years, especially as we work in a fast-moving industry, so change is a constant.”

Understanding the big picture

Jemma Jones, Water Quality and Environment Manager, works with her partner Tom Burnside, a Measurement and Forecasting Specialist who came to WSC after Jemma suggested he apply for a position.


“I knew he’d enjoy our family culture. Additionally, we have many interactions with our senior leaders, allowing us to understand the bigger picture. There are also more opportunities to get involved in other aspects of the business.”


Despite working and living together, Gemma says it’s working well: “We both enjoy our work. Although we probably have to work harder than others to switch off so it doesn’t spill over into our home life!”

Greater opportunities

Suhail Abbaas is a Network Logistics Manager in WSC. He began his career at Severn Trent Services eight years ago, having worked in the wider Severn Trent group for almost five years before that.


He lives with his brother Samad, who’s a Business Assistant at Aqualytix ­– a business specialising in water treatment and Legionella control, also part of Severn Trent Services.


“I encouraged Samad to come and work here because I believe more career opportunities exist. He used to work for a retail organisation where he was promised progression, but it never materialised.


“I hope he’d tell you he could hit the ground more quickly having me around! We don’t just lift- share; we share advice too.”

The brew’s on you!

Simon Carter is a Field Technician who has worked at WSC for almost twenty years. His son, Sam, joined the company around two years ago, also as a Field Technician.


Simon said: “Back in the day, I worked for my father when he ran his plumbing and heating business, so I suppose you might say Sam is following in our footsteps. We’ve always been a close-knit family.


“One day, I jokingly suggested to Sam that he might like to apply for a job at Severn Trent Services, and within two weeks, he did, and he got it.


“He enjoys his job and has a big appetite to do more for the company. The best perk for Sam, though, is having his dad around to pay for brews or breakfast if we happen to be working in the same area!”

More information

The WSC people are nationwide specialists in water and wastewater asset management services for customers with private networks. For more information, visit our website.