Sustainability plan & approach

The Severn Trent Services Sustainability Plan covers 5 pillars:

Five ways we aim to help secure a better future for generations to come


Becoming operationally net zero by 2030


Decarbonising our vehicle fleet by 2030


Creating and investing in a diverse and talented workforce


Adding greater value to the communities we work in


Identifying and delivering sustainable solutions for our customers

Our ambitions to achieve Operational Net Zero and Decarbonise our Fleet by 2030 align with ST group commitments.

Our pillars on Social Value and offering Sustainable solutions reflect the commitments we want to make to the communities we serve up and down the UK and being able to offer our customers sustainable solutions which help to achieve their sustainability (Net Zero and Social Value) goals. As a responsible contractor with a clear commitment to sustainability, it is important to us that our sustainability goals align with our customers, existing and new.

We’ve created a unique scorecard which helps us to track our progress with Net Zero, Social Value and sustainable services. It has been created for all STS business units, and designed to enable sub-reporting for key customers, some of whom already receive regular updates.

Once our full year data is finalised in April, we will be publish our full scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions here as part of our carbon reduction plan.

snapshot from carbon reduction plan of scopes 1, 2 & 3 for current financial year

Important Notes for Scorecard Data: As we continue to improve the accuracy of our Scope 3 emissions reporting, the categories we report under may change. STS has minimal Scope 2 emissions due to decisions regarding the source of electricity supply remaining within the control of our customers.

Meet the Team

Robin Phillips

Head of strategy & sustainability

Hannah Webster

Sustainability coordinator

STS Sustainability Reps

Every month, our Sustainability Reps from across all of the STS business units meet to discuss sustainability, review progress and to share ideas, successes and lessons learnt on how we can deliver Net Zero and Social Value.