Meet James Leeson, one of our Regional Sales Managers.

Meet James Leeson, one of our Regional Sales Managers, using his expertise to support our Sales Team with their ambitious growth goals.

James has been in the Water Hygiene industry for 11 years, starting off as a Service Technician working on a contract for a major Birmingham hospital. He has since worked his way up through being a Sales Engineer, before training to be a Business Development Manager, and finally moving in to his current role as a Regional Sales Manager.

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James’ ceaseless ambition and natural talent for business development have led him to success in his 7 years at Severn Trent Water Hygiene so-far. He is now a bona fide expert on water hygiene, with extensive knowledge of all manor of different water systems and treatment protocols. If you need support with your water system, or even just have a query, James is your man!

In a past life, James worked as a professional DJ (we couldn’t believe it, either!), touring Europe and entertaining crowds of thousands. The people-skills he picked up during this period have translated wonderfully to the world of business development.

James also picked up a passion for travel whilst working as a DJ, and is always planning trips as far-afield as Argentina! How he’ll fit this in with family life, we have no idea – between him, his wife and daughter, two dachshunds and a cat, there’s always something going on at the Leeson household! Regardless, James continues to dream of adventure, most recently on the cards is a month in Canada learning to ski and snowboard. Good luck fitting that in to your busy schedule, Mr Leeson!

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