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At Aqualytix, we are experts in the field of water treatment and Legionella control. Our innovative approach to maintaining compliance has allowed us to develop a paperless solution using cloud-based systems which provide real time reporting and instant access from anywhere in the country.

Through proactive and preventative solutions, we work with our clients to provide clarity surrounding the management of assets to help mitigate risk. 

Our cloud-based systems consolidate data and trends across multiple sites, giving enterprise-wide visibility for key partners and other stakeholders.

At Aqualytix, our clients are at the forefront of everything we do, and we strive to do the right thing every time. 

Water Treatment

We offer clients a comprehensive range of water treatment services.

Legionella Management

We specialise in assessing all types of water systems and support in fulfilling your compliance needs.

Training and Consultancy

We provide a range of training courses, covering all aspects of Water Systems Management.

Water Sampling

We only use UKAS/ISO17025 accredited laboratories for the highest quality analysis and reporting. 

Risk Assessment

We can help you identify and understand any potential risks of Legionella and help you implement measures to either eliminate or control the risk.

Remedial Work

Our qualified plumbers and service team are able to resolve all your remediation needs