Drive that leads to promotions in the field

Lee Wells and Ian Quarton have a lot in common.

They’ve both been promoted by Severn Trent Services to mechanics. They’ll both be studying for an NVQ paid for by the organisation. And they’ve both been drivers at some point in their careers.

Their managers, Mike Killingbeck and Ryan – regional service delivery managers for the north and east of England, respectively – discuss Lee and Ian’s drive for more fulfilling roles.

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Protecting a beauty spot from polluted mine water

Protecting a beauty spot from polluted mine water

Our client

Our client is a county council in the UK.

The location is a woodland park with a canal. An area of natural beauty, the site was once home to a colliery that opened in the mid-nineteenth century. Today it’s a popular spot for hikers, dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, and picnickers.

The reed bed is part of an unmaintained treatment scheme built in the nineties. Once cleaned, the abandoned mine water from the former colliery is used to fill the canal to maintain its level.

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Closed Water System: The Ultimate Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan that Will Extend the Life of your Closed System

Closed systems save money and energy when they are properly maintained, but without timely maintenance, closed systems can suffer from blockages or erosion of susceptible components that decrease their efficiency and can have high repair costs for system owners. If left untreated or if incorrectly treated components can eventually break down completely and require replacement.  

A maintenance plan can help prolong the life of your closed systems by addressing problems before they lead to failure.  

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Bulk Water Treatment – Part 1

A case study of a blue triangle site

For this site, the water we need to treat before putting into supply is drawn from a spring located approx. 3km away and is pumped to the main site where it enters our Nitrate Removal Plant (NRP).

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