Bulk Water Treatment – Part 1

A case study of a blue triangle site

For this site, the water we need to treat before putting into supply is drawn from a spring located approx. 3km away and is pumped to the main site where it enters our Nitrate Removal Plant (NRP).

The spring water passes through micron canister filters before passing through the process to reduce the nitrate level in the water before going into the Water Treatment Works (WTW) room to be sterilized.

Flowing through a UV sterilizer before being dosed with chlorine, the water ends up in the low-level service reservoir awaiting transfer to the high-level service reservoir.

Before being put into distribution to site, the water receives a second dose of chlorine.

All this process is overseen by our field technician, Darren Sargent, who closely monitors equipment operation, water quality parameters and service reservoir levels.

The WTW, Water Pumping Station (WPS) and NRP are all classified as Blue Triangle assets and we will go more into this in the next part of this series.

Article credits: Phillip Isaac and Darren Sargent