Drive that leads to promotions in the field

Lee Wells and Ian Quarton have a lot in common.

They’ve both been promoted by Severn Trent Services to mechanics. They’ll both be studying for an NVQ paid for by the organisation. And they’ve both been drivers at some point in their careers.

Their managers, Mike Killingbeck and Ryan – regional service delivery managers for the north and east of England, respectively – discuss Lee and Ian’s drive for more fulfilling roles.

Making careers happen

Before his promotion, Lee Wells was a field technician managing the day-to-day water and waste assets on one of Severn Trent Service’s biggest contracts.

His manager Mike remembers Lee’s first day: “We met in the messroom at Lownethwaite water treatment works and since then, he’s built up a reputation for being an expert in water assets.

“But donning a suit and becoming a manager wasn’t for him. Instead, Lee channelled his ambition into honing his practical skills in the field, leading to his promotion.”

Ryan adds: “Ian’s career story is slightly different from Lee’s. He’d been a jet vac driver for around five years. But he worked alongside mechanics, learnt loads on the job, and passed practical assessments with flying colours. So, when he said he wanted to become a mechanic, I gave him my full support.”

Ian getting recognition for his hard work

Support to grow into a new role

The role of a mechanic is very different for both Lee and Ian. Over and above the technical skills that the job demands, it also requires them to react to unplanned events; diagnose problems; coordinate solutions; and manage budgets and stakeholders.Ryan explains: “A mechanic’s job is to resolve issues with water and wastewater assets quickly, efficiently, and safely – and we’ll continue to invest in both Lee and Ian so their careers as mechanics remain successful and fulfilling.”

So far, though, Ian loves it! He says: “I’m really enjoying it. I like the variety, and I like taking something broken and seeing the job through right until it’s fixed. There’s something satisfying about having a problem to own from start to finish. I won’t be returning to my old job!”

Mike and Ryan agree that the most rewarding thing about being a people manager within Severn Trent Services is supporting individuals to develop and grow.

Mike says: “We’ve upped the ante on recruiting to meet the increasing needs of our customers. But developing our existing employees – who have a wealth of knowledge and experience – is also important and one of the greatest things I can do as a manager.”

Lots of opportunities beyond the Severn Trent region

At Severn Trent Services, there are opportunities to join the company and progress further, even if you’re outside the Severn Trent geographical patch.

Mike adds: “If you don’t live in the Midlands, don’t be put off because we’re a Midlands-based company. We’re a rapidly growing organisation and we need people to work on our contracts up and down the UK.”

Ryan says: “We’re always looking for people with the right behaviours because skills can be taught, and qualifications can be gained. What matters to us is having employees who care.”

Mike agrees: “If you want a job where you’re trusted and empowered to do the right thing; you love being in a team; you want to make a measurable difference; and you want to carve out a legacy for yourself – then come and be a member of the Severn Trent Services family!”

Join the Severn Trent Services family

If you’re interested in a career at Severn Trent Services, why not check out our vacancies? Alternatively, drop Mike an email.

Meanwhile, we wish Lee and Ian every success in their careers as mechanics.