Severn Trent Services talks man health

Teams in Severn Trent Services have been putting their health and well-being first with help from Paul Bannister, founder of ManHealth – an organisation supporting men through difficulties in their mental and physical ill health, ultimately to prevent suicide


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The Truth About Water Sampling: Stop Wasting Time and Money

When a customer says they do regular Legionella or TVC sampling, we always ask them why. It turns out that more often than not the answer is “because that’s what I’ve been told to do.” In other words, sampling is something that a previous company has advised their customer to do, even though in many cases it’s completely unnecessary.

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Drive that leads to promotions in the field

Lee Wells and Ian Quarton have a lot in common.

They’ve both been promoted by Severn Trent Services to mechanics. They’ll both be studying for an NVQ paid for by the organisation. And they’ve both been drivers at some point in their careers.

Their managers, Mike Killingbeck and Ryan Turton – regional service delivery managers for the north and east of England, respectively – discuss Lee and Ian’s drive for more fulfilling roles.

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