Case Study for Staffordshire County Hospital


Staffordshire County Hospital
Weston Road

The issue

Staffordshire County Hospital reported intermittent supply issues causing disruption to the Creche area. This issue that had been running for around four months before Severn Trent Services were asked to investigate.

Route of planned repair work

What we did

The repair started with an initial dig at the rear of the plantroom to find the 32mm MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) service. We were able to detect the location of the leak by using pipe mic insertion points along the route (see photo above). Fortunately we were able to locate the leak within the first 50m of the route, finding a pipe with a 2-3 inch long split which was then repaired.

The size of the leak was estimated to be between 2-3 m3/hr and at a cost of £1.50 per cubic meter this is equivalent to –

Per Day
£ 0

What is m3/hr?

m3/hr stands for cubic meters per hour. In this case it refers to the potential flow rate of water leaking from the pipe.

The Result and key points

With the vast experience of our field team along with the leak detection tools, we were fortunately able to find the leak within the first couple of hours of being on-site.

The leak that had been running between February-June 2021 was costing an estimated £117 per day. If left unrepaired, over the course of a year it could have cost a huge

Per Annum
£ 0

Overall, the customer was incredibly happy with how quickly and effectively we dealt with the issue as it was something they could not locate or fix themselves.

"Would you please accept and pass on my thanks to you and the team for the excellent job in resolving our leak on site last week. Really impressed by the water leak detection equipment and the whole team “ETHOS” from start to finish of this project.”
Steve Bagnall
On-site Field Manager