The Truth About Water Sampling: Stop Wasting Time and Money

When a customer says they do regular Legionella or TVC sampling, we always ask them why. It turns out that more often than not the answer is “because that’s what I’ve been told to do.” In other words, sampling is something that a previous company has advised their customer to do, even though in many cases it’s completely unnecessary.

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Meet Arran Webb, one of our Service Technicians.

Meet Arran Webb, one of our midlands-based Service Technicians. He works primarily with one of our customers in the Education sector; a university in the East Midlands.

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What is PCR Testing for Legionella?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing has been an important part of the UK’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Did you know that PCR analysis can also be used to identify legionella bacteria?

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