Meet Arran Webb, one of our Service Technicians.

Meet Arran Webb, one of our midlands-based Service Technicians. He works primarily with one of our customers in the Education sector; a university in the East Midlands.

Arran Webb at the Severn Trent Centre in Coventry

Arran entered the water hygiene industry in 2016. He was working at a pub at the time, and although he enjoyed pulling pints, he wanted to move in to a career that provided scope for serious future progression. A friend of his recommended working in water hygiene, and Arran took the plunge!

Our operations are 100% digital, so Arran can view his compliance tasks from his desk, or from his phone whilst out in the field.

Since entering the industry, Arran hasn’t looked back – his outstanding mindset has set him up for success, and he’s now on the pathway to becoming an Operations Team Leader. When asked what he found most satisfying about his job Arran has this to say:

“I love the scale of it – it’s daunting seeing thousands of PPM tasks coming online at the start of the month, but seeing them closed at the end of the month gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment”.

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When speaking with Arran, his passion for his work was clear. Here at Severn Trent Water Hygiene, we’re passionate about what we do, ensuring we provide the highest quality service possible to our customers.

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