BS7592:2022: A New Legionella Sampling Standard:

Legionella is a bacterial disease that causes severe pneumonia, especially in the elderly. Any building that regularly has visitors is at risk of hosting Legionella, and builders and contractors are responsible for maintaining this bacteria within acceptable limits. How do you know what your control standards are? The British Standards Institute has released an updated version of the standard it originally drew up in 1992: BS7592:2008; BS7592:2022

Let’s take a look at the some of the key updates to this standard surrounding sampling for the presence of legionella bacteria.

This article is part of the Water Hygiene Newsletter.

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Severn Trent’s very own St George

The story of England’s patron saint in his battle against the legendary dragon is an iconic as his red and white flag. But like many early saints very little is known of the details of his life be that fact or fiction.

We would like to share a legendary story of our own St George which is totally fact…

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How Severn Trent Services is investing in our planet – Earth Day 2022

Today is Earth Day 2022.

A day where individuals and organisations raise awareness of what’s being done – and what needs to be done – to drive positive action for the planet.

This year, the theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’.

We spoke to Dan Mcardle, Head of Water Services Contacts. And Jemma Jones, Environment and Implementation Manager – to learn about some of the things Severn Trent Services is doing to invest in the planet.

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What is that blockage?

Look at the photo. I have circled an item which is causing a blockage in the main foul drains running behind a row of houses. This was causing an interruption to facilities for multiple properties and had been this way for a long time.

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Severn Questions with Carole

Introducing Carole Manning, a key account manager working in the Commercial Water Services team who provide water and waste water services to multiple sectors. In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to this awesome team – Find out what the Commercial Water Services team do here.

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Meet Arran Webb, one of our Service Technicians.

Meet Arran Webb, one of our midlands-based Service Technicians. He works primarily with one of our customers in the Education sector; a university in the East Midlands.

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