Severn Trent Services helps businesses and communities to save water

This week is Water Saving Week – a time for everyone to reflect on how much water they’re consuming and whether that’s sustainable when water resources are becoming scarcer, and the cost of living is rising.

Experts in water and wastewater, Severn Trent Services is helping organisations and local communities to conserve water to protect the environment and reduce water bills.

Robin Phillips, Head of Sustainability, says: “Working in the water industry, we see first-hand how climate change affects water demand, supply, and treatment.

“The burden on water companies to better conserve and manage water is heavy, but it’s now recognised that all businesses must play their part – and we’re helping them to do so.

“In fact, identifying and delivering sustainable solutions for our customers is one of our sustainability commitments.”

Replacing drinking water with rainwater

At a customer site managed by Severn Trent Services – with a private water network that supplies water to around 20,000 people – the team has been developing rainwater harvesting solutions. This involves collecting and storing the rainwater that falls on rooftops, land surfaces, and other areas ­­– and using it to offset potable water usage.

Dan McArdle, Head of Water Services Contracts, explains: “There are always tasks in any business that require water. But in some situations, you can avoid using treated drinking water by using rainwater instead. For example, when you’re washing down vehicles.

“This saves money and helps organisations to meet their sustainability targets. However, once built or installed, rainwater harvesting systems must be operated and maintained to run effectively.

“We’re seeing more and more businesses approach us for sustainable solutions to many water-related challenges. While the initial financial outlay is a barrier for some, when their operational capabilities are already affected by a lack of water in the ground, they recognise the value of investing now.”

Controlling consumption to lower water footprints

The Severn Trent Services team are taking a two-fold approach to helping businesses lower their water consumption resulting in achieving industry-leading leakage performance for their customers.

Robin adds: “Consumption encompasses two things: genuine water usage, for example, toilet flushing and process usage. But it can also include unintentional water usage, for example, when water unknowingly escapes through broken assets. Our job is to tackle both.

“We work with our customers to proactively monitor, locate, and fix leaks. This can have a significant impact on utility bills for large organisations, especially when energy is being used to heat water.

“Additionally, we educate businesses about the daily habits they can adopt to reduce their water footprint. For example, by brushing or sweeping dirt off pavements instead of hosing them down. These are small changes that can make a big difference, especially in water-stressed areas.”

Educating the next generation

Severn Trent Services offers a range of free education services for people who belong to the regions they work in across the UK. This includes career talks, school visits, and supporting community events – often focussing on how to save water.

Robin adds: “When we talk to children about water saving, they often become our water guardians!

“Explain to children how fundamental water is to our lives and how important it is to look after it for future generations – and they’ll happily challenge their family and friends on our behalf about how much water they’re using!”

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