GIS helps put Severn Trent Services on the map!

GIS mapping software is used by many organisations to view and manage location data.

For Severn Trent Services people – who look after thousands of water and wastewater assets across the UK – it’s one of many tools used to save time, save money, and add even more value to customers.

Chris Gilbert, Network Optimisation Manager at Severn Trent Services has been in the water industry for over 30 years.

He said:
“It’s amazing what a phenomenal job people have done with paper and spreadsheets. “But the world’s changed. And GIS mapping software is just one of several ways we use technology to do our jobs better.”

Chris Gilbert
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Oren Environmental and the Big Garden Birdwatch

Between 27-29 January 2023, twitchers everywhere will participate in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch campaign.

The initiative encourages people to spend one hour of their weekend logging the birds they see. This helps the RSPB to monitor the volume and profile of birds across the UK.

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Oren Case Study #2 – Protecting a beauty spot from polluted mine water

Protecting a beauty spot from polluted mine water

Our client

Our client is a county council in the UK.

The location is a woodland park with a canal. An area of natural beauty, the site was once home to a colliery that opened in the mid-nineteenth century. Today it’s a popular spot for hikers, dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, and picnickers.

The reed bed is part of an unmaintained treatment scheme built in the nineties. Once cleaned, the abandoned mine water from the former colliery is used to fill the canal to maintain its level.

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Oren Case Study #1 – Reed bed refurbishment

A reed bed refurbishment as part of a site upgrade

Our client

Our client is a UK government ministerial department.

The location is a treatment works serving an operational site with living quarters. It’s been in existence for over a century and is historically significant.

The reed bed – measuring around 30m x 14m – forms part of a sewage treatment works.

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