Legionella Awareness Training: Meet Our Head of Technical, Training and Compliance

With the launch of our new Legionella focused Training and Consultancy courses, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share a little more about our Head of Technical, Training and Compliance; Kris Rowland.

Get To Know Kris!

Kris tells us about his previous experience and how he keeps people engaged during his training sessions.

Kris has been with us at Aqualytix for 6 years, however his scientific career stretches back over 20 years, having held a management position at an analytical laboratory for 15 years. Because of this, Kris is deeply familiar with the science of what we do, and is an expert on all things legionella.

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Kris’ Previous Experience

Kris has been active in science communication throughout his career. During the five years he spent as a laboratory manager, he volunteered as a STEM ambassador, supporting school children to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This led him to develop a passion for education that dovetailed perfectly with his microbiological expertise. He began leading Legionella Awareness training sessions in 2012 and has delivered almost 1,000 of them to date!

Kris leading our Closed Systems 101 training.

Legionella Training: Case Study

Over the years, Kris has honed his skills, and his delivery is now tack-sharp. We recently had the privilege of accompanying Kris on a training visit to a midlands-based housing association. The attendees were impressed by how gripping a seemingly uninteresting topic became when taught by Kris. They had this to say about their experience of our Legionella 101 (Awareness) training course:

“I’ve worked with water in the past, but this training session has made a huge difference to my understanding of Legionella and Legionellosis.”

“This training has given me the confidence to challenge my team, and ensure the highest possible standards of legionella control are maintained.”

“I am no longer bamboozled by technical jargon, Kris’ training helped me to understand it all!”

Since starting training in 2012, Kris has expanded his repertoire. He now delivers training sessions across 4 additional subjects:

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