Closed Systems 101

Closed Systems 101

Training Course

Knowledgeable and competent staff can save your organisation thousands in premature repair costs due to incorrect closed loop water systems management. Enquire today to find out if Closed Systems 101 is right for you.

The Closed System Course Overview

Our comprehensive course on closed water systems provides you with the background knowledge needed to work on these systems. You will learn about their requirements and functions, as well as guidance for working with them from regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Building Services Research Information Association (BSRIA).

  • A thorough understanding of the correct design of closed loop water systems.
  • The role of correct material selection and how to prepare your closed system.
  • Knowledge of the common issues associated with closed loop water systems.
  • The consequences of scale, erosion, fouling caused by micro-organisms.
  • The appropriate treatment techniques to mitigate water loss.
  • The appropriate chemical protection for your closed system.
  • The guidance associated with Closed System; Preparation, maintenance, system parameters, sampling. 
  • Sampling your Closed System. 

Our Closed System Trainer

Kris Rowland, our Head of Technical and Compliance is recognised as a subject matter expert in his field and has over 20 years of experience in this industry. 

Who is the Closed System Training for?

Our Closed Systems 101 program is designed for all personnel working with closed and recirculating heating water systems.

Are you unsure how to best ensure the longevity of your closed and recirculating water systems? Do your staff thoroughly understand the best methodologies for closed system design and maintenance?

The course is designed for facilities managers, water treatment service engineers, maintenance and engineering contractors, plant operators, and those with responsibility for the installation and ongoing management of commercial and industrial closed systems.

To speak with one of our Training team call us today on 0845 0348952, or here

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