Sampling 101

Sampling 101

Training Course

Do you know the difference in methodology between a ‘pre’ and ‘post’ flush sample? Do you know the transport stability time permitted for Legionella samples? Why not refresh your knowledge with our Sampling 101 training course.

The Content

Our Sampling training course will give you a comprehensive overview of sampling across different water systems. In addition to the basics of sampling, we’ll describe the methodology behind many of the samples required for effective Legionella control, including the subtle variations between standards. We’ll conduct practical sampling exercises, ensuring individuals are aware of the common pitfalls in sampling and where aseptic technique can fail.

  • An understanding of the correct methodology involved in ensuring compliant sampling.
  • Insight in to the divergencies in methodology when sampling from different locations or assets.
  • Hands on experience of taking samples aseptically.
  • Insight into the place of COSHH in sampling.
  • City & Guilds digital certificate.

Our Sampling Trainer

Kris Rowland, our Head of Technical and Compliance is recognised as a subject matter expert in his field and has over 20 years of experience in this industry. 


Who is the Closed System Training for?

Water quality sampling supervisors, managers and operatives who are responsible for overseeing or safely and successfully carrying out water quality sampling procedures.

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