Q11. I’m unhappy with this approach so can I escalate to OFWAT?

It is important to note that OFWAT is the economic regulator for public water
companies in England and Wales. As your services are delivered by a private network,
OFWAT have no direct relationship with the company providing services to your property.
However, if you are unhappy with your charges, or if you wish to escalate a customer
complaint you can contact the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) at:
DIORDPFI-AquaCustEscalation@mod.gov.uk This mailbox is monitored by the DIO and
any emails sent to this address will be answered by an email, or by direct contact if you’d

Q14. Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Yes, we currently offer this payment facility as our preferred method. You can set up
payments for the 1st , 15th or 30th of each month. Alternatively, there are other payment
options at the back of the bill in which you can make payment to us. Just contact our billing
and payments team who can send you a form to fill in. Contact details are included in Q.4