Q2. Who are Severn Trent Services?

Severn Trent Services have been appointed by the MOD to manage and maintain the MOD water and wastewater networks and systems. Severn Trent Services are also MOD’s billing agent and issue bills on MOD’s behalf to Customers such as yourself.

Q5. How are charges for my property calculated?

The MOD set the charges for water and/or wastewater services provided to your property. The charges are calculated on a case by case basis but are usually capped at no more than the charge you would be paying if you were connected to the public systems managed by your local water company. Severn Trent Services has no ability to change or reduce these charges and any requests must be directed to the MOD through Severn Trent Services.

Q6. Why can’t I just be connected to the local water company?

There will be several historic reasons but, in the past, your property may have been part of MOD land such as former Married Quarters accommodation. Often, it is too costly to connect your property to the public networks, so the private supply arrangements remain for water and/or wastewater. You may wish to pursue the cost of connection to the public network(s) but your local water company might require you to pay a one-off connection charge which reflects the cost of making connections to public systems.

Q10. If I decide to have a meter installed, will my water bill go down?

Not always. Without a meter, water and wastewater charges are assessed using an
average annual volume of water consumed. If a meter is installed, charges are calculated
using the actual volume of water consumed. In this case, your meter will record any leakage
or wastage inside your property, or within your property boundary. As a result, metered
water charges could be more than the assessed or assumed volume charges.