Severn Questions with Carrie Jackson

Introducing Carrie Jackson. Carrie is part of the Severn Trent Searches Business Improvement Team. She helps to update and maintain the in-house applications and support the staff with any application issues.

How long have you been working for Severn Trent?

I’m now currently in my 17th Year, I started in September 2004 with a temping agency and was given a permanent contract in January 2005.

What was your first role here at Severn Trent and has it changed?

I first started as a UADMS Technician on the Commercial Team, basically producing the sewer and water plans for the Commercial Drainage and Water Reports. Throughout the years my journey has progressed to many different roles.

I went on to become a Commercial Technician producing the Commercial Drainage and Water Reports, also supporting Commercial Customer Service.

Then onto Additional Products ordering and completing the third-party products we offer, then I was promoted to a Senior Technician on the Quality and Compliance Team, following on from here we had a reshuffle within the business, and I moved back to the Additional Products team but this time as the Senior Technician.

And lastly this is where I was before I moved over to the Business Improvement Team as the Systems Support Technician.

What’s the best thing about working for Severn Trent?

It has to be the people; I’ve made some really close friends here at STRUS (Severn Trent Searches) some of which have left but I still keep in touch with regularly.

What is your proudest personal moment?

Bit cliché but having my daughter and creating the home life that I have with my partner and his son too. Family is the most important thing to me.

If you could name one individual who’s helped you over the years, who would they be and why?

Mmm this is a tough one as there is lot of people that make you the person you can become. If you want to talk about the work side of things, I couldn’t name one, two people do stick out for me though, Afsheen Azizi my manager on Additional Products and Adam Carter my current manager. Both for the same reason really, for always seeing my potential and pushing me to progress.

In my personal life, again lots are in the pot, but the one that has taught me some of the most important life lessons and for keeping me grounded and level-headed has to be my Dad. (Don’t tell my Mum…Haha)

What has been your most memorable moment working for Severn Trent?

Launching the new ordering platform for STRUS in 2018, it was a big project with lots of challenges and was great to be a part of the project from start to finish, and the changes have had a positive response from our customers.

As it was Severn Trent Movie Night last weekend (21st-24th Jan), tell us which movie you opted to watch and if you have a favourite film of all time?

Does anyone have one specific film that they count as a favourite? I’m hitting 40 in a couple of years, so my film library spans from the mid-80s! There are some 80s and 90s Classics you can’t beat. Back then I was more partial to a comedy or basically anything Disney produced being in my childhood. Little Mermaid has to be my all-time favourite Disney film.

For the Severn Trent Movie Night, we watched the new James Bond film – No Time To Die and it did not disappoint 😊.