The STS Star Awards

At Severn Trent Services, we like to reward excellence among our staff. We’ve recently launched a new initiative – the Star Awards – to recognise those who go the extra mile. Mike Williamson –Managing Director of Severn Trent Services – offers his unique take on the event:

What is a star? Who wants to be a star? And how does a star become a superstar? Three big questions, which were all answered at the inaugural, amazing and supremely fantastic Severn Trent Services Star Awards held in early June.

What is the Severn Trent Services Star Awards I hear you say? Oh my, more questions. But this one is important, and curiosity is a core Severn Trent value after all, so I’ll start here. The Severn Trent Services (STS) Star Awards is a new event in the calendar, created to give everyone in STS the chance to nominate their fellow colleagues for recognition in one of the 12 categories. These included ‘rookie of the year,’ ‘makes my day’ and ‘always on mute.’ Considering there are 312 employees across STS’ businesses, it was incredible that the event attracted over 300 nominations for the different categories.

The event was conceived and created by the people who work in STS for the people that work in STS, and it’s part of our desire, passion and drive to make our workplace the most enjoyable place it can possibly be. In short it was a classic celebration. The best kind because you could only win if your colleagues thought you should!  It was also a great opportunity to get different people together from the growing array of STS’ businesses and supporting departments (it seems like only yesterday we were half the size we are now). The room was filled with the noise of chatter and laughter and that was before the dayglo sweets were opened, the fizzy pop started flowing and the trophies were presented.

It was an afternoon event held at Severn Trent Water’s Draycote Reservoir, followed by a barbie on a terrace overlooking the beautiful shimmering reservoir, festooned with small yachts and dinghies sailing around in the warm afternoon sun.

The red carpet was a long walk up from the carpark and guests were greeted with rapturous applause and some screams from a sizeable crowd of onlookers as they arrived. The paparazzi were there in force (some super photos were taken, see below) and the press also got some quotes from the winners. The event went by in a flash.

Each category had a gold, silver and bronze winner and the guest presenters, including Dan Allman (MD Oren Environmental), Laura Harmer (STS Central Services), Dan McArdle (UK Water Services Delivery Lead) and Mike Williamson, all of whom did their best to channel their inner Ant and Dec. There wasn’t a prize for best dressed, but it was agreed that a yellow sequin hat and a kilt would’ve taken some beating, had there been an extra category for sartorial presence. It would be wrong to single anyone out, everyone was a winner. It was a fantastic inaugural event, that will now be a firm fixture in the calendar every year. Forget the Oscars, the Ballon d’or and the Emmys, this is the one to win Ladies and Gentlemen. A prestigious award that you can tell future generations about. And to win one next year you’ve just got to keep being super, oh and work for STS. So come and join the party if you fancy being part of an incredible company doing an amazing job, providing water and wastewater services to customers across the country. We’re always after new, talented and energetic folks to join us. Jump onboard. You never know, you might be receiving the rookie of the year award next June!

Some quotes from a few of the lucky few at the event:

“I thought it was a great day! It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and really nice to both get some recognition but also see all the awards winners get their awards for such great work as well!

“It was also very well put together, from the presenters to the organisers. A lot of effort went into it so I was very grateful.”

Adam Carter

“The STS Star Awards is all about recognising our colleagues amazing behaviours and positive attitude. It is about taking the time to celebrate our peers for all the little things they do day to day to make everyone’s lives better. For our first annual event we had a dozen categories that represented everything from Our Keep Calm and Carry on Star to Our Inspiration Star.  We had over 300 nominations and 36 finalists each taking home a Bronze, Silver or Gold trophy.”

Laura Harmer

“Attending the 1st ever STS star awards was a brilliant experience. Really proud to have been nominated let alone winning an award. To share this with colleagues across the different business units was brilliant. Having fun, celebrating success and seeing old and new work friends really reiterates the family feel we have and what a great place to work this is.”

Robert Button