Meet Razvan, Sales Executive Apprentice at Severn Trent Water Hygiene.

Razvan grew up in Bucharest, working in sales positions during his youth before moving to the UK at age 25. After spending some time living in Cornwall, Raz and his partner moved to the West Midlands, where he found a job in carbon fibre manufacturing.

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The job was exciting, as the carbon fibre was used for aeroplane and supercar construction. However, Razvan’s ambitions quickly outgrew his position in the industry, despite moving into management whilst there. He decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management program at Buckinghamshire New University. Now in the second year of this three-year program, Raz has acquired an abundance of business know-how surrounding negotiation, research, marketing and more.

“I chose the course because I wanted to pursue a different path in my professional development, and it’s really paying off”.

Earning Whilst Learning
Despite his workload at university, Razvan’s drive remained herculean, and so he chose to join us at Severn Trent Water Hygiene as an apprentice. Raz has quickly become an integral part of the sales team, supporting our business development managers in serving their customers most effectively.

Razvan working at his desk.

His prior experience in sales has made his transition in to the role seamless, and his academic attainment shines through. Raz chose an apprenticeship because he wanted to amass practical experience to temper the theoretical knowledge gleaned from his university course. The earning-whilst-learning model is important to people like Razvan, who need to support themselves financially during their studies.

“It’s important to me to gain hands-on experience whilst studying the theory”.

Our Brilliant People
At Severn Trent, we are proud of our people; we think they are our greatest asset. We believe it’s important to invest in our apprentices, as they are the future of everything we do. Razvan told us that the warmth of his welcome and the benevolence of the Water Hygiene Team have been unmatched by any of his prior workplaces.

“My team are welcoming, and the working environment is communicative and supportive.”

When Razvan is away from the office, he enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art also practiced by business development manager Melanie Doran. The sport encourages discipline and welcomes participants into a community geared towards personal growth. Raz also enjoys traveling and reading books about historical battles and legendary leadership.

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