It’s all feasible, says Carole from Severn Trent Services

Carole Manning is a Key Account Manager for Severn Trent Services and has been in the water industry for over a decade.


Having worked with many organisations that have private water and wastewater networks, she’s all too familiar with the challenges some face and is passionate about helping address them. One tool in her armoury is the Severn Trent Services Network Infrastructure Feasibility Study.

Carole says: “Today, like most organisations, our customers are worried about rapidly rising costs, changes in regulation, and operating more sustainably. These are problems that we pride ourselves on being able to help solve.


“Deploying network infrastructure feasibility studies helps us to gain a fantastic grasp of our customer’s networks and the issues we can proactively prevent and solve for them.”


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What is a network infrastructure feasibility study?

Severn Trent Services offers network infrastructure feasibility studies that are designed to help organisations understand their water and wastewater assets, where they’re located, the peaks and troughs around water usage, where their water and wastewater comes from and goes to, and whether the correct permits and licences are in place.

Carole adds: “It’s a bit like a health check. The more information we have about our customer’s networks, the better chance we have of making sure they run as effectively, efficiently, and sustainably as possible.”

Typical challenges around network infrastructure

Managing private water and wastewater assets comes with its own set of challenges. Including…

💧 Ensuring water quality 💧

🛠 The ongoing maintenance of infrastructure to prevent leaks and breaks 🛠

💷 The financial burden of building, upgrading, and maintaining assets 💷

⚖ Meeting regulatory standards and staying compliant ⚖

🚿 Meeting the growing demands of water supply 🚿

🌱 Reducing environmental impacts 🌱

 💪 Building resilience to cope with disruptions caused by climate change, infrastructure failures, or other emergencies 💪

Carole comments: “Organisations are busy running their businesses. The first we might hear from a company is when something goes wrong. For example, if there’s a pollution or a compliance breach.

“Our network infrastructure feasibility studies are just one tool we have at our disposal to help prevent problems for our customers.”

Unlocking progress

The primary purpose of a network infrastructure feasibility study is to provide the necessary information for the Severn Trent Services teams and customers to make well-informed decisions about the next steps. However, it’s not all about preventing problems. It’s also about enabling progress.

Carole says: “Our network infrastructure feasibility studies are useful in helping customers to scale up. For example, if they’re developing their sites. Armed with more information, they can make confident decisions around whether to proceed with the project, modify certain aspects, or abandon it altogether!”


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