Move over Tom Daley, we’ve got some new divers in town…

Tom Daley might have won Olympic Gold (and knitted quite the impressive dog jumper), but does he know how to fix a crack in a GRP wet well? Well the divers who visited one of our sites, for Severn Trent Services, this week definitely did.

The divers were there to investigate a large crack at the base of a Surface Water Pumping Station (SWPS), which has been allowing groundwater to constantly infiltrate the system and impacting the performance of the pump. If left unfixed, the endless ingress of groundwater could lead to mechanical failures, higher maintenance costs and a massive increase in energy consumption – and nobody wants to see that.

Ricardo Vendone, a Severn Trent Services Engineer, told us, “It’s not every day you get to work with professional divers, but with the crack being six meters deep it was impossible for us to get a good look any other way. The divers were able to get down there and give us a live-stream assessment of the damage – even if they did sound a lot like Darth Vader! They were excellent to work with and even managed to implement a temporary fix. We’ll now monitor the SWPS until we can get a permanent solution in place.”

A top of the podium performance from everyone involved!