Our JetVac team happy to educate customers on family day out

Last week, the Severn Trent Services JetVac team attended a family day at one of our key sites to engage with and educate some of our customers.

Our 18-tonne JetVac unit is normally out and about, busy proactively cleansing our sewer networks. However, on this occasion, the team took the time out of their busy schedules to educate our customers on what they should and shouldn’t put down our precious sewers.

The team used their creative skills to set up a jetting system that showed just what happens when wipes are put into the system, and the work involved in having to clear them.

Sally Anne-Betts, Improvement Project Lead, said

It was a fantastic opportunity to attend this family day, interacting and finding fun ways of educating our customers on what not to put down the toilet.

“The great display put on by our own JetVac team created a fantastic visual of what is required to remove a blockage when it occurs. We made every interaction count. Who would have thought we could make sewer blockages so fun?”

Our education packs proved to be popular, with over 400 being handed out for our customers to go away and complete after the event.

But the giveaways didn’t stop there. Our lovely customers are just as passionate about sustainability as we are, and we gave away enough wildflower seeds to plant nearly three tennis courts! Customers took away selections of wildflower seeds to plant in their gardens, which supports biodiversity in the area by enticing bees, butterflies, and other insects.

This event kickstarts our new education programme to engage with our customers across our contracts, and there’s many more to come.

More information on how to avoid blockages, flooding, and the effect of flushing wipes, can be found in the video below.