Meet our 2023 Apprentices – National Apprenticeship week 2024

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week, which is being observed this week, we will be introducing you to our 2023 apprentices Libby and Layla

Libby - Sales Apprentice

What was the reason you chose an apprenticeship over other options?

I realised that university wasn’t for me, so the option to learn new skills and earn a wage while gaining a qualification was a no-brainer.

What is your role here at Severn Trent?

Sales apprentice

Why did you choose Severn Trent to do your apprenticeship with?

I attended various apprenticeship fairs with different providers, and Severn Trent stood out massively from the rest. Not only did they have a friendly nature and a wide range of courses, but I have family and friends who work for the company, and they only had positive things to say.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship so far?

I enjoy going to various different sites to see our water assets, as it is a lot more interesting to see them in person than in pictures.


Layla - Apprentice Business Assistant

What was the reason you chose an apprenticeship over other options?

For me, it was a very strong tossup between an apprenticeship and going to university, but what made me choose an apprenticeship was that I learn best when I can apply what I’m learning to real life. As an apprenticeship is a hands-on learning experience, I felt I would be able to get much more out of it than going to university. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What is your role here at Severn Trent?

I work at Severn Trent Services, more specifically Aqualytix, where I assist the sales team. I learn by shadowing the sales team in their general roles and picking up the admin style tasks they may need assistance with while developing into a salesperson myself.

Why did you choose Severn Trent to do your apprenticeship with?

I choose Severn Trent, because it’s a fun environment to work in, I know that all employees are looked after and that the company goes above and beyond to help and support all employees. I felt it was a company where I was able to shine and develop my apprenticeship into a life long career.   

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship so far?

The thing I have enjoyed most about my apprenticeship is the relationships I have built with my colleagues and the other apprentices in my intake.

Mike - Former apprentice, now Business Development Lead

We wanted to sign off on National Apprenticeship Week with a success story. Introducing former Apprentice Mike, who has achieved an accomplished career within Severn Trent over the years.

Tell us how you came to join the apprenticeship scheme with Severn Trent?

I actually saw the advert in the local paper, it was in the Thursday night job section and stated that Severn Trent were recruiting an instrumentation apprentice at Shelton, Shrewsbury. I went to the website and then applied. I can remember the assessments done on the interview day were still in the old exam paper format and not online and it was all done like an exam. I must have done ok because I got offered the role back in July 2006!

How do you think your experience as an apprentice helped shape your career to date?

For me I think it’s been about learning from the bottom up. Having learnt skills on the operational front line both from a practical point of view but also, problem solving, thinking about solutions in different ways and teamwork. I have used these skills through all of the roles that I have done since. The apprenticeship programme also gave me chance to see the wider ST group. I was able to spend time in other areas and gain insights into how the business works. I also got to spend a day with the MD at the time!

The skills I learnt during my apprenticeship, I still use today, from my technical understanding or process control through to being a skill electrician so I get to do all of the jobs around the house……

What would your advice be to Severn Trent mangers considering taking on an apprentice?

If you have the opportunity take it, it’s a great opportunity for you to help shape future generations in our business. Also think about what the outcomes will be for your apprentice, what they are going to learn? What will they bring to you and your team. You can also share you experience with them, My first manager and mentor encouraged me to ask questions, to think outside the box and to challenge the way we do things – Just because something is being done one way now doesn’t mean it’s the right way!