Legionella Control In Healthcare Facilities: Aqualytix takes care of the care sector

Legionella Control In Healthcare Facilities

The Aqualytix team, experts in water treatment and Legionella control, often work in healthcare settings. Legionella control in healthcare facility environments require our people to follow procedures not typically encountered in other sectors.

Razvan Radu, Business Development Manager at Aqualytix, says: “It’s an honour to work with organisations who care for those who are unwell and require medical support.

“The way we care for healthcare staff, patients, and visitors is by controlling the risk of Legionella bacteria developing in their water systems.

“But to do that, we must adapt our working practices to follow special policies designed to protect everyone onsite.”

Stagnating Water

Stagnant or standing water in assets can increase the risk of Legionella bacteria growing and spreading. This can be a challenge for healthcare providers when restrictions are in place to prevent water use.

Raz explains: “In some wards, tap water is restricted. For example, you might have a tap that automatically turns off after it’s been pressed five times. This is to prevent patients with mental health challenges from causing damage to property or themselves.

“The risks associated with unused water sitting in pipes are ones we continually monitor and control through a robust schedule of water sampling and treatment.”

Water quality and assets can also be affected by the age of buildings or the regional differences in water hardness.

Personal Safety Onsite

In some clinical settings, Raz and the team must be escorted onto wards and remain accompanied by a security guard as they do their work.

He adds: “Understandably, some patients may be wary of a stranger entering their personal space when they already feel vulnerable. They might become suspicious about what we’re doing to the water supply or even react adversely to our work. That’s why measures must be in place to protect the personal safety of the Aqualytix team and the patients nearby.

“We also abide by a ‘whatever goes in must come out’ policy. That means if we take tools in, we make sure tools come back out with us. This is in case they’re used to cause harm.”

Many of the patients we encounter have ‘protected meal times’ to enjoy their food peacefully, without interruption. Our schedule is wholly designed around patient needs so our people can do their jobs without upsetting the daily workings of a healthcare setting.

A Trusted Picture

Working in the care sector means our customers are under pressure to report patient outcomes against their set targets.

Raz says: “Public and private healthcare trusts are scrutinised for their performance. So, over and above the water hygiene and treatment services we provide, we must prove what we’ve done and the value we’re adding.

“Luckily, we have cloud-based applications that provide a live picture of all our customer’s water assets, their compliance status, and any remedial actions we’ve recommended or taken.

“Our customers see the same picture as we do. But just like an X-ray, a doctor can help interpret what is on screen and suggest a treatment plan to improve health. The Aqualytix team does the same. But instead of bones, we see assets!”

Ensure the safety of your healthcare facility with Aqualytix’s expert Legionella control. Protect patients, staff, and visitors from water-related risks. Explore our comprehensive water hygiene services. Safeguard your facility today – learn more about our Legionella management services here.

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