New software to help maintain industry-leading leakage performance

Severn Trent Services, specialists in water and wastewater asset management, will start to use Waternet software in 2024 – provided by RPS (a Tetra Tech company) – a leading provider of consulting and engineering services worldwide.

Waternet software is designed to provide a more efficient way for us to monitor, report, and charge for our customer’s water consumption. It will replace multiple existing systems and dramatically reduce the time it takes to collect and analyse water volumes.

Jon Trombley, Senior Business Analyst at Severn Trent Services, said:

“The new software will bring our customer’s water consumption data into one place so everyone has a single picture.

“A water consumption report that might take days to produce and validate today will only take a few hours with Waternet.”

Harnessing software to further improve leakage performance

The Waternet software is among many investments we’re making in technology to deliver better outcomes for our customers.

Jon added:

“We’re a commercial organisation that operates nationwide. Our business involves purchasing water from wholesalers and retailers, which we then sell to our customers. To continue providing accurate billing – but in a more efficient and viewable way – we must take advantage of the latest software. This will help us to future-proof our operations.”

One of the Severn Trent Services teams most excited by Waternet is the Network Optimisation team, led by Chris Gilbert.

He said:

“Today, we achieve industry-leading leakage performance for our customers but we’re always looking to push the envelope and do even better.

“Managing leakage is one of the major water conservation challenges we face. Having a single application that consolidates leakage data from various sources will initiate useful discussions and help us to make even better strategic decisions about how we prevent and fix leakage.”

The RPS and STS Teams

A summer rollout

The Waternet software will go live in the summer of 2024. This will allow the team to migrate the large volumes of customer consumption and billing data – spread across various systems – onto the Waternet platform.

Jon explained:

“The Waternet software will take data feeds from the telemetry across the thousands of water assets we manage for our customers. Although it will take a few months to set up, it’s important the transition is seamless and well-managed. RPS will assist us in achieving this, as they have previously helped other utility companies in the water industry to implement this technology to reduce water leakage.”

Mike Hurley, Technical Director at RPS, said:

“We’re enjoying working collaboratively with Severn Trent Services. Waternet will provide them with a proven, secure, and efficient platform for collating data from multiple sources, undertaking repeatable, transparent, and auditable analysis, and producing detailed reporting to a consistent and high standard.”