Severn Questions With Shannon

How long have you been working for Severn Trent?


I’ve worked for Severn Trent (ST) for just over two years now. And now Severn Trent Services (STS) for three weeks!

What does your main job role entail? i.e. data entry, customer service etc

In my newest role as Marketing and Campaign Officer, I’m responsible for the design and delivery of creative and successful marketing and engagement campaigns across the businesses in the STS portfolio.

This includes managing the effective delivery of campaigns via a range of digital channels including website, email marketing and social media.

What was your first role here at ST and has it changed i.e. promotion or job evolved?

I started as a Resourcing Business Partner and after a year of recruiting for a range of different areas of Severn Trent, I was successful in getting a maternity cover role which was an Employer Brand Manager position. This role is what sparked my interest in the world of Marketing & Brand. I’ve always loved the ability to be creative and make a difference and this role enabled me to do this on a daily basis.

What’s the best thing about working for ST?

It’s cliché, but it must be the people. I count myself so lucky to have been so fortunate to build such amazing and authentic relationships with such a wide range of people since I joined ST. When you work with a group of engaging and passion individuals, it doesn’t make work feel like work. One thing that really stands out to me is that regardless of the level of person you’re talking to their all as equally happy to give you their time, answer any questions and support you to succeed. I’m excited to continue building now I’m part of STS! If we haven’t met yet, please come over and say hi!

What is your proudest personal moment (in or outside of work)?

This is a tricky one.. As there has been so much ST has supported me with in the last two years.

In work it has to be during my one-year career as a recruiter, I received 18 Our Brilliant People nominations. These were all submitted by individuals to thank me for work that I’d done for them. It was really nice to see the appreciation people had for me helping them find great talent for their team.

Outside of work it would have to when my friend and I did a 15,000ft skydive to raise money for charity, in total we raised over 5k and ticked something off our bucket lists!


If you could name one individual who’s helped/inspired you over the years, who would they be and why?

My biggest inspirations are my friends and fiancé, some are parents, some are buying their first home and others are smashing their most recent promotions which makes me want to succeed just as much. I’m a believer in you’re only as good as the people and energy you surround yourself with!

What has been your most memorable moment working for ST?

One of my memorable moments has to be supporting the Commonwealth Games this time last year. The atmosphere was amazing, and it was so nice to be able to speak to not just our customers, but people outside our patch who we’re all appreciative of the work we were doing to provide them with clean (and free) drinking water.