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Severn Trent Services employees gathered at Draycote Water – a 240-hectare reservoir and country park – to pitch new ways to deliver even better outcomes for businesses with private water and wastewater networks.

Abigail Delaney and Gabriella Marshall enjoying the stunning Draycote Water

Karl Drage, Head of Growth at Severn Trent Services, organised the day. He said:

“The teams were challenged with showcasing how they’d used their water and wastewater expertise in the past to solve a genuine problem for their customers. For example, how they supported an organisation to control their water usage. They then had to consider who else might benefit from their expertise.

“The idea was to identify even more ways for us to help organisations that face unprecedented challenges right now – including climate change, rising costs, the energy crisis, and skill shortages.

“It was also a great way to unite and reward our people for their work.”

Impressing the judges

Each presenter was tasked with impressing a panel of judges – representing different areas of Severn Trent Services.

The teams demonstrated how they’d delivered measurable differences to their customers. For example, by helping them to understand their water and wastewater networks to make efficiency savings; maintaining their water and waste assets for optimal performance; ensuring customers weren’t breaching environmental compliance laws; and supporting them in meeting their sustainability goals.

Richard Fletcher presenting with the support of Dominique Allenby

One of the judges was Paul Swinburne, Senior Finance Business Partner at Severn Trent Services. He said:

“Listening to the teams present, I was wowed by how much specialist industry knowledge they have. On top of that, they have a genuine understanding of our customer’s pain points.

“So when you combine the two strengths, it’s no wonder we’re in a great position to solve our customer’s water and wastewater challenges.”

Shaun Green concluding a passionate presentation on an emerging issue in the Water and Wastewater space

A victory for Carole and Gabriella

Key Account Manager Carole Manning and Admin Assistant Gabriella Marshall won prizes for their drive to help organisations better understand their private water and wastewater networks.

Carole and Gabriella celebrating their victory with Karl

Carole said:

“It’s common for customers to know very little about their networks when they first come to us. They’re naturally focused on their core businesses, a world away from water and waste.

“That doesn’t mean they’re not worried or aware they have a problem. For example, they might be alarmed about the cost of their water bills or worried that their unmaintained assets are inadvertently causing pollution.

“That’s where our knowledge of their network really adds value. We own their concerns and take the burden of managing their network away – so they can concentrate on what they do best.”

Carole and Gabriella won a night out with their families to celebrate their victory.

Severn Trent Services provides nationwide water and wastewater asset management services for private networks.

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