Aqualytix logo

The beady eyed amongst you will have noticed that Severn Trent Water Hygiene has changed its name to Aqualytix.

This rebrand marks a new chapter in our continuously growing business and better reflects what the business now does.

Neil Tod, Managing Director of Aqualytix, says: “Our rebrand is so much more than a new coat of paint. It reinforces how we’re using technology, and the data it provides, to help us exceed our customer’s expectations now and in the future.”

Why choose the name Aqualytix?

Aqualytix logo

Aqualytix is remaining apart of the Severn Trent group, offering water hygiene, water treatment, and legionella services to customers nationwide.

Neil adds: “Our new identity instantly communicates what we’re great at.”

“The word Aqua represents our role as water hygiene experts and of course our roots within the water industry.

Lytix epitomises our dedication to using real-time data analytics to make sure our customer’s water assets are compliant to safeguard the health of their organisation.

And the arrow in our new logo signifies our relentless commitment to continuous improvement.”

– Neil Tod, Managing Director of Aqualytix

Neil and the team also canvassed opinion internally – and outside of the business – to get people’s suggestions on a new name, and Aqualytix was the winner by far.

At Aqualytix The future is data-driven

Aqualytix has become a paperless business in the field to reduce time, cost, error rates, and impact on the environment. Kris Rowland, Head of Technical, Training, and Compliance at Aqualytix, says:

“In my experience, paper compliance logbooks are still the norm for many organisations. 

However, I believe we’re challenging the industry to do much better than that.”

-Kris Rowland, Head of Technical, training, and compliance

“For example, we use the very latest software to glean the real-time compliance status of our customer’s water assets – which our customers also have access to. This transparency of data is so powerful and drives our own operational excellence too.”

How this affects Aqualytix customers

The new name represents the next stage of evolution for the Aqualytix business, but service will be uninterrupted for customers. Andrew Twigg, Head of Operations at Aqualytix, says: “Rest assured this transition will be seamless for our customers.”

“Our exceptional service standards will be maintained by the same team of experts our customers know and trust.”

-Andrew Twigg, Head of operations

We’ll continue to provide the transparency of the work we complete and meet the needs of our customers’ expectations.

Guy Hadland, Head of Sales at Aqualytix, adds:

“Our business embodies expertise, transparency, and trust. A new name doesn’t change this. It simply paves the way for the next leg on our exciting journey.”

-Guy Hadland, head of sales
Aqualytix a part of Severn Trent