If the Cap Fits – Wear a Hat Day 25th March 2022

Which hat do you wear? Manager? Employee? Father? Mother? Brother? Sister? Uncle? Aunt? All of these at once?

There are dozens of roles within Severn Trent, many of them require us to wear a different hat. There are hundreds of tasks we undertake every day and each one is different.

Whether we are working on a treatment works at one of our Water Pumping Stations, where a bump cap or hard hat would be most relevant.

Visiting an outdoor Service Reservoir on a warm sunny day when a sun hat or cap gives us protection from the sun.

Or in the depths of winter, looking for an unknown increase of the volume of water we are distributing to our customers, when a thermal hat will keep us warm.

Within my daily work in the Central area, as well as physical ones, I have numerous role specific ‘Hats’ I have to wear. For example : I am the Senior field technician, the H&S supporter, our Working at Heights rescuer and Manual handling Risk assessor, amongst other things and all of this on top of working on and visiting daily: sewage treatment works, sewage pumping stations, water treatment works, service reservoirs, water pumping stations, doing hydrant flushing and resolving reactive blockages, floodings and interruptions to supply……… phew, when you write it down it is no wonder when Friday comes around we all feel tired.

So whether you’re sitting at a desk with your IT support visor on, Customer care headset, Manager’s hard hat, Marketing cap on backwards, H&S audit bump cap or Field engineer ‘Hat Of all Trades’, just take a moment to think, well if the cap fits….

Article credit: Phillip Isaac