Managing Director Mike Williamson’s Christmas Message

I would like to wish all of our customers, colleagues, friends, family and associates a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

It’s been a tough year, but it’s also been a highly fulfilling one. We set out to supercharge the growth of our business, Severn Trent Services following two strong years of trading and that felt a bit scary back in April. Well… a week before the end of the calendar year and three months before the end of the financial one I can confidently report that we are on track. In fact, we are slightly ahead of where we wanted to be, which is where we love to be. This has only been possible because of our fantastic contract partners, the faith, belief and loyalty of our customers, and the support and guidance from our friends, family and associates. Thank you to everyone who has helped us have such a successful year.

And as we look forward, We’d like you to know that we will continue to strive to delight our customers with great products and service, support each other as we do more, keep innovating and finding new ways of doing things, but most of all, making sure we do everything safely.

Enjoy the season with family and friends. If you’re on standby or working over the Christmas period, a special thank you for your commitment, we all appreciate it.

I’m raising my glass to every one of you. Merry Christmas.