Our Business Development Support Manager has a novel approach to charity fundraising

Richard Fletcher is the newly-appointed Business Development Support Manager for Severn Trent Services. Here he shares his novel approach to charity fundraising, and how you can help.

My stepmother, Ged Fletcher took a little fall one November. She went to the doctor and was soon diagnosed with cancer. By the following February we had lost her.

Since that time I have wanted to do any possible charity work for Cancer Research UK. I took to Skydiving but had to cancel as no one would donate anything substantial enough. I then started to train for any marathon, but it was the same story – very few donations.

So after much deliberation I chose to try my hand at White Collar Boxing in aid of Cancer Research. I was absolutely stunned and amazed at the number of my friends and colleagues who suddenly were donating and desperate to get tickets to watch me get repeatedly punched in the face.

I’ve done this twice before. My second fight was a week before my wedding to Kirsty, and I was under strict instructions to not return with a black eye or two. I’m now looking for my third attempt in December this year.

The thought of seeing me in the ring never ceases to attract the generosity of those around me!

So for that reason, if you feel that CRUK is a deserving charity, then please click the below link and donate. The price of a coffee could make a difference somewhere for someone. Thank you!

Richard Fletcher is fundraising for Cancer Research UK (justgiving.com)