Q5. What is a schedule 23?

  1. Schedule 23 allows the MOD to remove and later bring an area back into the scope of the Aquatrine contract without having to go through a Site Group removal/addition process.
  2. Schedule 23 transfers the water and wastewater assets in that area to the MOD who can then hand it to the developer.
  3. We are obligated to support the MOD with development projects under Schedule 23 and we review and comment on the proposals.
  4. If the works to be carried out is going to impact the remaining network we would advise what can be accommodated and what cannot. If the required changes would need downstream works to be carried out, then we would require a Work Instruction to carry out those works.
  5. If the changed network is not to the standard required then we would not accept it back into Aquatrine.