Water Sampling

Peace of Mind – Severn Trent’s the Answer

We only use UKAS/ISO17025 accredited laboratories for the highest quality analysis and reporting.

We provide a full suite of Sampling services using UKAS accredited laboratories. 

Samples are electronically tracked from the time they are taken through to the sample result and customers are automatically notified of any out of parameter findings. 

All sampling is carried out according to the requirements in BS 8554 and BS 7592 and all results are uploaded to our cloud based compliance tool to provide a full audit trail. 

We offer a wide range of sampling for many water systems including: 

  • Domestic water systems 
  • Evaporative / Cooling Towers 
  • Swimming/ Spa Pools 
  • Domestic Healthcare (Augmented Care) 
  • Closed recirculating systems

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