Our Approach

Our innovative approach to managing and maintaining your wastewater assets challenges traditional methods. This is because we care about the operational, commercial, and environmental performance of them.

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Our innovative methods to managing and maintaining wastewater assets are centred around helping you to run a more sustainable operation. For example, through:

  • Sludge dewatering techniques that remove and dispose of your waste in the most sustainable way
  • Recycling the waste that comes from your assets
  • Replanting existing reeds where possible, instead of planting brand new ones
  • Preventing your neglected reed bed from emitting harmful greenhouse gases
  • Encouraging your reed bed to absorb ten times more carbon than it might do today


Despite what you may have been told, a well-maintained reed bed system performs significantly better than a neglected one. Delivering substantial cost and sustainability benefits. And what’s more, guarantees you meet your regulatory obligations.

Protect your pocket

Neglected reed beds often need an expensive refurbishment to get them working again. By proactively maintaining your reed bed over a 10-year period, you could save you up to 80% in costs. This is money that could be put to better use.

Protect the planet

Nurtured reed beds are a wonderful haven for flora and fauna and can absorb around ten times more carbon than neglected ones – that can emit harmful greenhouse gases.

Protect your reputation

If your reed bed is designed to treat trade effluent or wastewater, its role is to do the final ‘polishing’ in the treatment process. In other words, it’s a safety net designed to prevent pollution and therefore it’s critical you maintain it. Otherwise, you might be in breach of legislation. And if you cause a pollution, you could be fined by the regulator, and suffer irreversible reputational damage.

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