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Here at Oren Environmental, our job is to improve the operational performance of your wastewater assets. While at the same time, save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect your reputation.

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We’re industry leaders in reed bed maintenance and large-scale desludging. Check out this time-lapse video of the Oren Environmental team refurbishing a reed bed for one of our clients.

As a result of our work, this reed bed will play its part in the treatment process, acting as a safety net before water is discharged back into the environment.

The reed bed has also been given an asset condition grade of ‘one’ (the highest grade you can get). It was previously rated ‘four’ (out of five).

For more information about this project, please email orenenvironmental@stservices.co.uk


Our services are delivered by experts, with years of experience, who are proud to be industry leaders.

Evaluating your reed bed sites

We visit your sites to evaluate your reed beds and their surroundings.

The Oren Environmental team performs surveys to ascertain how well your reed beds are performing and whether they’re still serving their original purpose.

Through a series of testing and sampling – with certified laboratory support – we build a picture of the current condition of your reed bed system. This allows us to provide you with a report and our recommendations going forward.

Levels of support for your reed beds

We offer a broad spectrum of services to extend the life of your reed beds.

From basic weeding, cleaning, and the unblocking of pipes and inlets – right through to full dig out and refurbishment.

Thereafter, our approach is to pull together a proactive schedule of reed bed maintenance to make sure you optimise the operational, commercial, and environmental value of your reed bed system.

Large-scale desludging services

When sludge builds up in your wastewater assets, it can cause the treatment process to become compromised. This can then lead to consent failures or pollution.

We’ve developed a range of innovative desludging techniques to successfully remove waste products from lagoons. These are then recycled instead of going to landfill.

Our sludge dewatering methods also help to remove and dispose of your waste in the most sustainable way.

Grounds maintenance services

If you don’t look after the areas that surround your wastewater assets, they can soon start to look neglected and untidy.

More importantly, reed bed systems and lagoons begin to collect unwanted debris which can slow down their effectiveness.

Trimming, cutting, and removing vegetation is an important part of looking after your wastewater assets.

Mine water treatment schemes

Oren Environmental operate and maintain 82 mine water treatment schemes, pumping stations, and mine gas facilities across the UK. This includes reed bed maintenance work.

Our work contributes to the 122 billion litres of water that is treated each year on those sites. This helps to protect the environment – including around 350km of rivers – from the polluted water that comes from disused coal and metal mines*.

Our expertise lies in: reed bed maintenance; pump maintenance; control panelling; water sampling; pipework; pigging; reed bed management; desludging; and small, civil engineering projects.

*Source: The Coal Authority