Network optimisation

Making sure your water and wastewater network runs in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Is your private water and wastewater network running optimally? Is it meeting all your business objectives? If the answer’s no, our commercial water services experts can help.

Proactively making sure your assets work effectively and efficiently is our speciality. We have everything in our toolkit – the knowledge, the techniques, the software, and the plant and fleet – to achieve high-performing outcomes for our customers.

Our network optimisation services help you to reduce your costs, risks, and impact on the planet – while increasing your asset performance levels.

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Network optimisation services we offer you

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reasons to choose our commercial water services


Unrivalled knowledge

With extensive experience in the water industry working on thousands of water and wastewater assets nationwide, you won’t find a more knowledgeable team.


Proactive service

You can rely on us to proactively spot, diagnose, and solve your daily and long-term network problems.



You’ll benefit from our investments in cutting-edge technology to manage your network optimally by proactively identifying key trends and taking the right action as a result.



From saving water to reducing risk. You set the KPIs important to your organisation, and we help you to deliver them.


Sustainability focussed

We work with you to lower your water consumption volumes to reduce costs and improve your sustainability performance. Our industry-leading leakage record proves our capability in this area.

Network optimisation in action

Read how our commercial water services teams used Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software to deliver big wins for our customers.

We build a digital picture – from scratch – of our customer’s private water and wastewater assets using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software. This allows us to proactively prevent, or diagnose and solve, our customer’s network problems.