Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Control, and Automation (MEICA)

Guaranteeing your water and wastewater assets continue to work safely and seamlessly every day.

Our highly skilled mechanical and electrical experts ensure your water and wastewater assets run effectively, compliantly, and safely. They work tirelessly to mitigate and respond to safety risks while abiding by strict health and safety standards.

We perform proactive day-to-day maintenance on your assets, install new parts and equipment, and respond to asset failures as and when they happen.

Trust us to keep your private water and wastewater networks moving seamlessly and your sites performing to impeccable safety standards.

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Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Control, and Automation services we offer you

At the core of running a private network is the integration of mechanical and electrical systems, which we make sure work together seamlessly to guarantee that essential water and wastewater services are delivered efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

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reasons to choose our commercial water services



Your water and wastewater assets will be in safe, experienced, and capable hands.



You can take advantage of the knowledge we’ve built up by managing thousands of assets nationwide.


Impeccable standards

Your sites will mirror our own exceptionally high safety standards and safety records.


Safety consultancy

Your people will benefit from the safety and technical advice passed on by our experts.


Current training

You’ll see we take continuous development seriously, ensuring our people’s knowledge is relevant and up to date.

Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Control, and Automation in action

Read how our commercial water services experts are successfully delivering a telemetry transformation that drives down alarms.

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