Reed bed refurbishment

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Unparalleled reed bed refurbishment services

Like any wastewater asset, a reed bed can deteriorate over time, resulting in the need to refurbish it partially or fully to restore its functionality.

Failing to do this can lead to pollution, environmental harm, and regulatory breaches. That’s why immediate action is essential to rectify the situation.

With years of experience, an expert team with diverse skills, and an extensive portfolio of successful reed bed refurbishments in our armoury – there’s no better organisation to manage your reed bed refurbishment project than ours.

We pride ourselves on using sustainable techniques to reduce the environmental impact of your reed bed refurbishment project. Once your reed bed is fully operational, we assemble a maintenance programme to ensure it performs optimally over time. Read more about that here.

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The common challenges that arise from refurbishing reed beds

The reed bed refurbishment process can be expensive and lengthy, requiring several months of preparation beforehand and time to commission it afterwards once the work’s done.

To avoid refurbishment, reed beds should be routinely maintained over their lifespan – like any other water or wastewater asset. Otherwise, reed bed owners or managers face several unwieldy challenges that go hand in hand with a reed bed refurbishment.

Refurbishing reed beds while maintaining compliance

Issue: Two reed beds. One is partially working, and the other is failing to work.

The result: Two fully refurbished reed beds.

Reed bed refurbishment in action!

We’re industry leaders in reed bed maintenance and large-scale desludging. Check out this time-lapse video of the Oren Environmental team refurbishing a reed bed for one of our clients.

As a result of our work, this reed bed will play its part in the treatment process, acting as a safety net before water is discharged back into the environment.

The reed bed has also been given an asset condition grade of ‘one’ (the highest grade you can get). It was previously rated ‘four’ (out of five).